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Rediscovering childlike play - Living and loving as family - Encouraging the youth we meet as we journey

Inspire Tour 2015 Inspire Tour South Africa

Inspire Tour Routes

20th to 21st of June
Kick-Off in London - UK
Travel from London to Den Haag
22nd to 28th of June
Randers - Denmark
Training week for core team
29th of June to 2nd of July
Aalborg - Denmark
Landstaevne festival
3rd to 5th of July
Ollerup - Denmark
6th to 11th of July
Copenhagen - Denmark
12th to 26th of July
Denmark to Bosnia
Travel from Copenhagen to Sarajevo (possible stops: Berlin, Prague, Munich, Vienna, Bratislava, Budapest, Zagreb)
27th of July to 1st of August
Sarajevo - Bosnia
2nd to 9th of August
Bosnia to UK
Travel from Sarajevo to the UK (stops: Croatian Coast, Bern Switzerland and Wurzburg)
10th to 23rd of August
Soul Survivor (possible stops: London, Cheltenham, Harpenden)
25th to 26th of August
28th of August to 1st of September
3rd to 9th of September
Francavilla (+ 1 day in Rome)
9th of September Tour ends in Francavilla - Italy

Ready to join us ?
If you are interested in attending, some or all of this tour, please message us. Any questions ? Please contact us.

Accommodation: £ 8 per night / per person
Transport: Google map estimate “Whole Tour” = 6300 km
Adding 30% for mic. detours = 8190 km
Beetank costs* = 8190km x £ 0.80 = £ 6552
Minibus costs* = 8190km x £ 0.40 = £ 3276

TOTAL cost = £ 9828

*covers fuel, maintenance, transport insurance and tolls

We have added 30% to all the distances below.

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